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    Commissioner: Video of Putevi Srbije insults women’s dignity (VIDEO)

    Commissioner for Equality Protection Brankica Jankovic has said that the video of Putevi Srbije related to traffic safety promotes ideas that offend the dignity of women.

    In a press release, she warned that the TV commercial, which should primarily aim to increase the safety of road users, „must not advocate for or support prejudices and other social behaviour patterns based on stereotypes, such as those shown in the commercial video“.

    She stated that „in the video, men are presented as rational, calm and responsible, while women are arrogant, nervous, irresponsible and prone to violations of traffic regulations.“

    „The omnipresence of such and similar media content contributes to maintaining the idea of subordination, i.e. the superiority of one gender, by giving the appearance of „normalcy“ to these divisions and promoting outdated ideas and attitudes that offend the dignity of women,“ she said.

    She recalled that in 2019, she sent a recommendation to marketing agencies regarding measures for achieving equality to ensure that they do not advocate for or support prejudices and other social behaviour patterns „which are based on stereotypes, and in particular that this content must not offend the dignity of women“.

    She stated that „it is obvious that it is necessary to continue the continuous fight against gender stereotypes and discrimination“, which, she said, continues to be an obstacle to building a society of full equality between men and women.“

    The Putevi Srbije company has published the video “Do not drive on the hard shoulder, do not end life!”

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