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    Explanation of the allocation of national frequency licenses by the end of the week

    The explanation for the decision on issuing licenses for national coverage will be drafted and available to the public by the end of this working week, REM Council’s President Olivera Zekic told N1 TV.

    On July 29, REM decided to assign four national frequency licenses to the same TVs that have had them so far – Pink, Happy, Prva and B92.
    The Anti Corruption Council of the Government of Serbia has announced that it is in the public interest for the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) to explain in detail which criteria the members were guided by when voting for the allocation of the national frequency licenses, because the explanation that the decision was made „by a majority of votes in secret voting“ is not enough.

    The decision to give frequencies to the same TV channels has sparked strong reactions from media associations, the civil sector and the opposition, who have recalled that there have been years of violations of the law by some of these media outlets.

    The competition did not include the fifth frequency, which is unoccupied, and Zekic announced that it would be announced „in a few days“, and that the entire procedure should be completed by the end of autumn.

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