Miracles do happen: Fuel drops in price in Serbia too

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    Miracles do happen: Fuel drops in price in Serbia too

    Over the past week, fuel began to drop in price at our gas stations. The price of gasoline is lower by RSD 2, thus a litre now costs about RSD 156, while the price of Euro diesel dropped by only RSD 0.5, and a litre now costs about RSD 169.40, reports RTS.

    This week, new price cuts are announced. On the London Mercantile Exchange, which is crucial for our market, a barrel of the Brent oil type cost US$86 at the beginning of October, which was a four-year maximum.

    “The price of a barrel is now about US$70. However, the price drop is not reflected so fast at our gas stations. When the price of crude oil was growing, around 15 August, the first changes, the first price spikes happened a month later –on 15 September. This deferred period of the impact of the change in global oil quotes on retail prices is always such that we do not experience it immediately. This is always the case – both when the prices are growing and when they are dropping,” Tomislav Micovic of the Association of Petroleum Companies of Serbia, explains for RTS TV.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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