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    Mali before the „historic day“: METRO CONSTRUCTION starts tomorrow

    Everything is ready for the official start of works at Makisko polje today on the project of building the Belgrade metro, wrote Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali on Instagram, noting that it is „a historic day that generations of citizens have been waiting for“.

    The metro we are building will be the most modern possible, fully automated, without a train driver. When it is completely finished, the first metro line will connect Zeleznik and Mirijevo, it will be 21.1 kilometres long and it will have 21 stations, he said.

    Mali added that the second line would connect Bezanija and Mirijevo, it would be 21 kilometres long and it would have 23 stations, which would intersect at Savski trg.

    The first metro line is planned to be completed in 2028, and the other one in 2030. With the introduction of the metro in the public transport system, the reorganization of the existing lines of public city traffic is planned, Mali added.


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