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    Izgradnja Nacionalnog stadiona

    Mali: Along with the National Stadium, new fair, hospitals, schools…

    Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has said that the construction of the National Stadium in the Belgrade settlement of Surcin is part of the „development project for the entire part of Belgrade“.

    „Around the bypass, we will build a new National Stadium, we will build a new Belgrade Fair, we will build new additional facilities, new hospitals, new schools,“ Mali said at the session of the Serbian Parliament at which the state budget for 2023 is discussed.

    He stated that a railway would pass by the stadium, which would connect Obrenovac with the centre of Belgrade and which would go through Zemun field.

    The Minister also referred to the one-time assistance of the Government of Serbia of RSD 5,000 for young people aged 16 to 29, adding that 800,000 young people had registered so far.

    He recalled that applications were open until December 15, while payments would begin a day later.

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