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    Kosovo institutions announce problems with electricity supply, call for savings

    The Kosovo electricity distribution company (KEDS) has said that the increased demand and decreased production caused a surge in electricity prices across Europe and that a deep energy crisis in Europe affected Kosovo.

    „In addition to enormous prices, the need for electricity has significantly limited commercial possibilities. In the tenders we have recently held, in most cases we have not accepted any offers. In the case of an offer, extra-high prices are determined according to market conditions,“ KEDS said in a statement.

    According to KEDS, in the first week of July, the price on the Hungarian exchange was 348 euros per megawatt, while in the last week the price rose to 735 euros, and such price spikes make the situation very uncertain already in the summer.

    Turn to savings and find an alternative

    KEDS urged consumers „to create savings mechanisms and to adopt alternative forms of heating of their homes in the winter season“.

    Kosovo’s electricity needs exceed production capacities, especially during winter.

    Kosovo has the capacity to produce about 800 megawatts per hour, while its needs in the winter days reach up to 1,300 megawatts per hour.

    This difference is usually imported from abroad.

    Based on the statistics of the institutions in Kosovo, households are the main consumers of the total electricity produced in the country.

    On February 8, this year, the Office of the Energy Regulator in Kosovo approved more expensive tariffs for electricity, which are supposed to be valid until March 31, 2023.

    The price hike, however, affected only those consumers that consume more than 800 kilowatts per hour, within a month.

    The energy regulator’s office in Kosovo earlier this year made recommendations on how to save electricity.

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