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    UNS on frequency allocation: REM rewards rule VIOLATION

    The Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the Council of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) on the allocation of national frequencies to TVs that violated the regulations on the conduct of broadcasters.

    “Pink and Happy TV stations were especially rewarded. All four media service providers that received national frequencies again did not have a cultural and artistic program, which was confirmed by the REM report from 2020″, the UNS said.

    In a statement on the occasion of the decision on the allocation of frequencies to television broadcasters that did not adhere to the program studies on the basis of which they were previously granted a license for national coverage, the UNS assessed that the REM Council was „more responsible than the television broadcasters that violated the rules“.

    „This was best explained by the owner of Pink TV at the presentation of his media’s candidacy at the REM Council when he said: ‘The story of the past automatically restarted since you have not taken away our frequency so far,“ the UNS said.

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