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    Investments worth millions of euros on the Zlatibor Mountain

    In the following year the Municipality Cajetina plans to complete several capital investments that have been commenced in 2018. One of the most important is certainly gondola that will transport tourists during the summer season along the nine-kilometre path from the centre of Zlatibor to ski centre “Tornik”, Deputy Mayor of Cajetina Arsen Djuric has stated for BIZLife.

    “The third phase of construction works is in progress, pillars are being mounted, we will continue work in spring and we expect gondola to be fully operational for the summer season. This is an investment that is completely funded by our municipality. The total value is EUR13 million – EUR10 million is value of the equipment that has been paid off. The value of construction works is around RSD340 million. Portion of works, what has already been done, has been paid off. This investment in funded by the Municipality Cajetina, partially from budget funds and partially via loan,” Djuric has explained.

    The second capital investment on the Zlatibor Mountain is construction of a wastewater treatment plant.

    The Municipality Cajetina will soon come into possession of a sports hall on Zlatibor, pre-contract agreement has already been signed and it is only a matter of days when this plan will be realized.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: OpštinaČajetina

    Piše: Tanja Njegomir

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