How did raspberries unite Serbia and Poland?

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    How did raspberries unite Serbia and Poland?

    Raspberry farmers will protest on Friday, June 22, in all the cities in Serbia because of the low purchase price of raspberries ranging from RSD 50 to RSD 80 per kilogram, said President of the Association of Raspberry Farmers of Serbia, Dobrivoje Radovic.

    “We will start the protest with peaceful driving, for now without roadblocks, even though some producers requested them. If the state does not do anything to break the cartels of bulk buyers, the owners of cold-storage facilities, we will decide what to do next,” Radovic said.

    The decision on peaceful protests, which will begin on Friday at 10 am, was made by the Management Board of the Association.

    Inspired by the protests in Serbia, Polish raspberry farmers have stopped picking raspberries, black currants and similar fruit in an effort to make processing facilities increase their purchase prices, which are currently lower than production costs, and the Polish government to pass a new purchase act.

    According to the data of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, the production of one kilogram of raspberries this year in Poland costs EUR 0.79 and cold-storage and processing facilities purchase raspberries at a price of only EUR 0.51 to 0.56 per kilogram, while last year’s purchase price was about EUR 0.81.

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