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    “From Your Pocket to Your Pocket”: Tax Administration in the campaign – Take Receipts

    The Serbian Tax Administration has launched a media campaign „From Your Pocket to Your Pocket“ with a message to citizens about the importance of taking fiscal receipts when buying goods or services.

    “We point to the possibility that everyone can check the appropriateness of the issued receipt by simply scanning the QR code on the receipt. The fiscal receipt is proof that tax has been calculated and paid for a certain purchase,“ the Tax Administration said in a statement.

    It is pointed out that by taking a fiscal receipt, citizens directly participate in the fight against shadow economy and contribute to the further development of the entire society and the state.

    Every dinar invested in the construction of hospitals, children’s institutions, schools, highways, invested in culture and sports, education and health care also comes from a properly issued fiscal receipt, the Tax Administration stated, adding that the new model of fiscalization contributes to reducing the possibility of various abuses.

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