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    Siniša Mali, priznanje

    „For the first time in history, Serbia’s GDP will be above EUR 60 billion „

    The world is facing a never-increasing crisis, but the situation in Serbia is slightly better than in other countries, Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said, noting that we have two and a half billion euros in the state budget.

    Minister Mali said that the most important thing was that there was enough money, that the state could buy electricity, gas, food… According to him, the state is fully responsible and takes care of every dinar.

    Regarding the US$1 billion loan from the United Arab Emirates at three percent interest, the minister stressed that this was an excellent deal.

    They criticize without knowing what they are criticizing

    “Money is getting more and more expensive, and that will reduce the rate of growth in the whole world. The world is going into recession. We are going to use this billion to pay back old debts, but for some reason there are still people who criticize, and they do not even know what they are criticizing. The state stands firm on both feet. We have enough money to survive this and next winter. The crisis will get bigger and bigger, and we will fight to provide such conditions for our citizens so that they would feel the negative consequences of the crisis as little as possible,“ said Mali, as a guest on Pink TV.

    He also stated that everywhere in the world, there are the same challenges – to preserve small and medium-sized enterprises and their employees. „If they leave the market, they find it difficult to return, and they are the driving force of development,“ Mali said.

    Regarding energy products, Mali pointed out that some good news about additional quantities of gas had arrived.

    „Serbia’s public debt at the moment is 31.5 billion euros,“ Mali said.

    He also presented data on how much public debt some EU countries had. “France EUR 2,901 billion, Italy EUR 2,755 billion, Germany EUR 2,482 billion. You always look at public debt in relation to your wealth, and the indicator of that wealth is GDP.”

    „For the first time in history, Serbia’s GDP will exceed 60 billion euros. The share of public debt in GDP is 53 percent, below the Maastricht level of 60 percent,“ said Minister Mali.

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