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    More expensive up to 50%: Russians fleeing to Serbia „inflate“ rents

    Since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine, in addition to people fleeing Ukraine in fear of war, there have been a growing number of Russians leaving their country.

    As their opportunities to travel around Europe are limited due to numerous sanctions, Serbia is one of the easy destinations to reach. So far, these are mainly people with jobs that can be done online.

    Violeta says she came to Belgrade in late May with her husband.

    “I think it is safe here because the situation in Russia is really crazy, we do not know what to do, we do not feel safe. We are worried for those who are in Russia, for our lives because we do not have anything here, not even our own house, close friends or relatives, they are in Russia. We are really worried about them and the men who will be mobilized. We really do not know what to do, we are helpless,“the Russian woman said.

    The number of Russians in Serbia is expected to be even higher after the beginning of the partial mobilization.

    “I am not afraid of mobilization, but I was afraid that they would close the borders. I bought the plane ticket yesterday, my friends helped me, and I paid about 500 euros for it. I do not know how long I will stay here,“a Russian citizen said.

    The real estate agencies note that the demand for furnished two- and three-bedroom apartments has increased.

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