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    Fiat’s workers: Monday is the “red line”, PM: “They are being manipulated”

    Several hundred workers gathered early this morning in front of the entrance of Fiat’s car factory in Kragujevac, in protest that the company continued to invite them to state their opinion on the social program, although after the talks of the representatives of the employees with Serbian PM Ana Brnabic it was announced that the process would be frozen, the media reported.

    At today’s protest of the workers of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Kragujevac, the Government of Serbia, which owns a third of the factory, was given a deadline to come up with concrete solutions for the status of the employees and the social program by Monday.

    The protest, at which they were addressed by the representatives of trade unions and workers, lasted for about an hour.

    As it was said at the gathering of workers in front of Fiat’s gate „Six Poplars“, the employer was sent a warning message because, „on the first day“, the employer violated the agreement on freezing the social program during the negotiations.

    “Our red line is Monday. If the Government of Serbia does not come up with concrete solutions to our problems after Monday, we will start the blockades. We will block everything from intersections to institutions,“ Igor Andjic, a representative of the factory’s trade union „Nezavisnost“ told the gathered workers.

    He urged the Serbian government to solve the problem of workers as soon as possible, because, as he said, „people are under a lot of pressure“.

    President of the Independent Trade Union of FCA, Sasa Djordjevic, said that the company that had promised the employees a „job of the century“ offered two conditions to the workers that were difficult to accept: departure abroad or the unemployment service.

    “These days, we have had contacts with the representatives of the Government. We have indications that we can make progress, to make the situation better than it is,“ Djordjevic said.

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