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    Nikola Đuričko

    Stranger Things BREAKS RECORD: TV show in which Nikola Djuricko plays saves Netflix

    The new fourth season of the science fiction horror TV show “Stranger Things” debuted this weekend with record-breaking Netflix ratings for an English-language TV series. Netflix said that the TV series „Stranger Things 4“ had 286.7 million viewing hours, and one of the main characters is our actor Nikola Djuricko.

    Nikola plays the character of the Russian smuggler Yuri and he received excellent reviews and praise from Americans. The local media are delighted with his performance, and he has also provoked positive reactions on social media.

    Djuricko told the media that the role was great and noticeable, striking, that it corresponded to his sensibility and his range of expressive possibilities.

    Nikola Djuricko has become part of Hollywood

    American journalists wrote about Nikola and his performance. They reported that he had played in several Serbian films and TV series since the 1980s.

    As a reminder, Nikola became famous in Serbia by his first big role in the movie „When I Grow up I will be a Kangaroo“ in 2004. His first role in the English language was in the film “World War Z” in 2012. His next foreign engagement was in 2013 in the mini-series „The Last Panthers“.


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