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    Fewer and fewer pigs and cattle in Serbia, but we are not the only ones

    In Serbia, the livestock fund has been halved during the last 30 years, and according to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, in just 11 months of last year, the number of cows decreased by three percent.

    The number of pigs decreased by 3.9% in the same period, goats 3.6%, while the number of sheep increased by 0.6%. Compared to the ten-year average, from 2011 to 2020, the total number of cattle decreased by 5.1 percent, pigs by 6.5 percent, goats by 6.7 percent and poultry by 9.5 percent, and only sheep increased by 1.8 percent.

    Serbia, however, is not the only one in which the number of cattle is decreasing. In May and June this year, the EU cattle population decreased by two percent compared to the same period last year, and the pig population decreased by five percent.

    Poland lost 1.4 million pigs in a year

    Based on the available results of EU member states with at least 1.5 million cattle or three million pigs, Eurostat has announced that, for example, the number of pigs in Poland decreased by 1.4 million in just one year.

    In May and June this year, a large decline in the pig population was reported in Poland, of about 13 percent, and the number of sows decreased the most.

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    Foto: Pixabay

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