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    Air Serbia: Etihad is not withdrawing, only reducing its share

    Air Serbia has announced that the minority partner of the state of Serbia in the company, Etihad, is not withdrawing, but reducing its share in the process of recapitalization due to business disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    The company recalled that since March 2020, with varying intensity, the global aviation industry had been affected by the „biggest crisis in its history“ due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that the aviation industry was one of the hardest hit branches of industry in general and that the consequences of the crisis were still being experienced today.

    „In accordance with the legislation, most European states have provided assistance to companies participating in air traffic in various ways. When it comes to Air Serbia, in December 2020, recapitalization was carried out increasing the company’s share capital, which was a measure of eliminating disruptions in operations during 2020, caused by covid 19 pandemic,“ the company stated in response to information that the procedure of its complete transition to state ownership was underway.

    As explained, the process of the second recapitalization is underway, which relates to business disruptions during 2021, also in order to eliminate the consequences of the pandemic, and it is added that both procedures were carried out on the basis of the Regulation on Conditions and Criteria of Compliance of State Aid through the recapitalization of market participants in order to eliminate disruptions in the economy caused by the epidemic of the infectious disease covid-19 and the contract concluded between the Ministry of Economy of Serbia and Air Serbia.

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