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    Export of defense industry is worth US$600 million

    Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin has said that the defense industry of Serbia, together with the company Yugoimport-SDPR, exported products worth more than US$600 million this year and he added that that was 10 percent more than in the previous year.

    As it is stated in the press release, Vulin said that in 2012 Serbia exported four times less than this year and announced that the state would continue to invest in new technologies.

    „The amount of about 9.5 million euros granted to  Zastava oruzje was spent in the best way – new machines were purchased, new technology was provided. The entire defense industry must invest in new technologies. What we have now is not enough to participate on the world market, and what Zastava did, as well as other defense industry factories in Serbia, is the only right way,“ Vulin said.

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