Employers demand: Stop ELECTRICITY PRICE HIKE or it will cause all prices to go up

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    Employers demand: Stop ELECTRICITY PRICE HIKE or it will cause all prices to go up

    Today, the Union of Employers of Serbia sent an initiative to stop the trend of a severe hike in the price of electricity for companies, because it will lead to a spike in the prices of the majority of products and services, and at the same time it will put at risk the operations of a significant number of companies.

    Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) was asked to protect its customers from market price fluctuations in the conditions when there is no inflation, and in this way to ensure the survival of Serbian companies.

    As the Union recalled, in March this year, companies bought electricity at a price of EUR 60 per megawatt-hour, in the past few years the average price was EUR 50, and currently a megawatt-hour costs EUR 135.

    “The increase in the price of energy sources, in this case of electricity, impacts the increase in costs, which in turn raise the price of the final product, i.e. dramatically impact business operations. Such an outcome is a brake on quicker economic growth, new investments and the competitiveness of the national economy, especially its export-oriented part,” the Union of Employers said in a statement, conveying the demands coming from the economy.

    Surveying companies about the possible increase in the price of electricity, the Union concluded that a total of 82 percent of the companies believe that more expensive energy will lead to an increase in the price of their product or service, and, therefore, want to have timely negotiations with the relevant bodies about the future electricity price hikes.

    “The price of electricity makes up only 54 percent of the structure of the electricity bill that the economy pays. The rest are parafiscal levies, costs of access to the electricity system, fees for privileged producers, fees for energy efficiency, excise, VAT…”, the Union claims in their initiative.

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