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    „If you sit in a poorly designed metro, all lines will be wrong“

    The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Belgrade has stated that they have a number of objections to the planned solutions for the Belgrade metro, and all of them can be presented in a single conclusion – „If you sit in a poorly designed metro, all lines and stations will be wrong.“

    This Faculty believes that „the hasty realization of the project should be suspended, all input data should be updated, an innovated General Project and Draft Plan should be created, which should involve all the relevant national scientific and professional institutions.“

    „Having in mind the significance of this project for the city of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia, and the value of the investment itself, the Faculty of Civil Engineering advised the highest state bodies about the objections,“ according to the press release.

    As it is added, the press release was issued, because the majority of the media were not allowed to attend the recent public session of the Commission for Plans of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade about the Draft Plan for General Regulation of Rail Systems in Belgrade.

    Dean, Vlada Kuzmanovic, pointed out during the session that the intention of the Faculty of Civil Engineering was to point out numerous shortcomings of the proposed solution, with the sole goal that the citizens of Belgrade and all future metro passengers would get a system that would make sense and solve as many accumulated traffic problems as possible.

    „The key to the problem arose during the definition stage of the project task, i.e. the input data for the Smartplan. The project task is a document compiled by the investor – in this case it was led by the City of Belgrade – in which the task of the creator and planner is defined,“ Kuzmanovic warned.

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