Economists say THERE IS NO MONEY, Mali claims: THERE IS MONEY for all types of assistance

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    Siniša Mali, elektronska faktura

    Economists say THERE IS NO MONEY, Mali claims: THERE IS MONEY for all types of assistance

    Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, has said that the public finances of the state are completely stable and that there is enough money, both for the already announced assistance to pensioners and health workers, and for supporting young people.

    “The new aid intended for young people shows how strong our state is and how stable our public finances are. We are helping those who need help the most, and those are pensioners who will receive RSD 20,000 on February 10. It was also decided to adopt a new measure of assistance for young people, those who have a future ahead of them,” said Mali, as the ministry announced.

    As he pointed out, the new measure of assistance to young people from the age of 16 to the age of 29 means that they will receive EUR 100 in RSD countervalue.

    As he specified, the application for this type of assistance will be possible from January 15 to 30, 2022, in the same way as the citizens applied for previous types of state aid, through the portal of the Treasury Administration.

    “With this measure of assistance to young people, and there are slightly more than a million of them, and with the previously announced assistance to pensioners of 20,000 dinars, we come to the conclusion that all three packages of support to the economy and citizens of Serbia are worth about EUR 8.7 billion, i.e. about 18 percent of GDP,” said the Minister of Finance.


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