Dusan Kovacevic explains to us what is (was) happening in the National Theatre

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    Dusan Kovacevic explains to us what is (was) happening in the National Theatre

    The uncertainty in the National Theatre is still ongoing. Director Dejan Savic has not resigned, the employees have announced a strike, and the Ministry of Culture says that no hasty moves should be made. Dusan Kovacevic, a writer and academician, explains to us, in a few sentences, what is (was) actually happening in the national theatre. This is nothing new.

     This situation with the National Theatre, which I first entered in 1968, when I came to study in Belgrade, continues to this day. It is nothing new. The National Theatre has always been controlled by one political party. Whoever comes to power appoints his manager, and that has lasted for 50 years, and even longer. One could not have been a manager of the National Theatre before if one was not a member of a political party. Later the parties took over, and which ever came to power, it appointed its own person. The National Theatre is under the jurisdiction of the state, i.e. the Ministry of Culture. I hope that the minister will find a solution before the actors go on strike. The 150th anniversary should not be marked by a strike and a boycott.

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