Belgrade Stock Exchange wakes up after 80 years

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    Belgrade Stock Exchange wakes up after 80 years

    The first trading in the shares of Fintel energija will take place on 20 November, which will mark the beginning of raising capital in the procedure of initial public offering for the first time on the BSE after 80 years, the Stock Exchange said, Beta reports.

    The process of the initial public offering of Fintel energija’s shares was completed on 30 October, and in the period of the duration of the IPO more than 1.5 million shares were registered. Through this procedure, Fintel energija collected RSD 755.2 million from the investors on the market, intended for further business development and expansion of the network of its wind farms in Serbia.

    The first initial public offering in Serbia after 80 years is of multifold importance, both for the company Fintel energija and the Belgrade Stock Exchange, but above all for the Serbian financial and economic system.

    Stock exchanges do not serve themselves, but primarily companies with clear visions of the future, so that they could finance the path to new, higher stages of development, which they are striving for and for which they have clear plans, said Director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, Sinisa Krneta.

    Izvor: Beta

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