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    Djedovic: There is no fear due to ban on Russian petroleum product import

    Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Djedovic has said that citizens have no reason to fear the ban on the import of Russian petroleum products by sea, which entered into force.

    Just as the European Union’s sanctions of December 5 on crude oil import did not cause major shifts on our market, this new package of sanctions is not expected to endanger us, Djedovic says.

    Djedovic pointed out that our country was well supplied, and that last year we increased the quantities and stocks of petroleum products by 54 percent compared to 2021, and that we would continue to increase them.

    „In January, we also carried out an inspection supervision of all mandatory and operational reserves that we are checking ad hoc, which we will continue to do and, despite small corrections, we are sure that everything is in order and that we have the level of reserves that is written in all reports,“ Djedovic told Tanjug.

    The European Union and the G7 countries, following the December embargo on Russian crude oil import and price limitations, have since introduced a ban on import of Russian petroleum products.

    Djedovic pointed out that Serbia would continue to provide additional quantities of diesel and other petroleum products from import, adding that the construction of 40,000 tons of storage space in Smederevo would be completed this spring, and another one of the same size next year.

    “In a year, we will thus have additional 80,000 tons of storage space, which will certainly contribute to the future, larger amount of supplies, which is certainly in the interest of both the state and the citizens. All this is done so that the market would be stable and so that no fluctuations on the world market can endanger us, at least for a long period, until we find alternative solutions, and I do not see that this will endanger our market for the time being,“Djedovic said.

    Izvor: RTS, Tanjug

    Foto: Pixabay, Beta

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