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    Director of the Union of Employers for BIZLife: Crisis hit construction sector hardest

    The trend of rising prices of raw materials and materials on the world market has gained a lot of attention in the last three months, since the Ukrainian crisis began, and all this gives a headache to many companies in Serbia, especially sectors that predominantly use raw materials in the production process, whose price on the world market is significantly increasing. The Union of Employers of Serbia says that the construction sector suffered most, that is, that such a situation mostly affected the construction sector.

    The current crisis is of a „general“ character and it affects not only a particular sector of the economy, its effect is rather much more comprehensive and global, experts and authorities say.

    Companies that do business or purchase raw materials from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are struggling.

    According to the SCC, in 2021, goods were exported to the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus by a total of about 1,200 companies, which were forced to find alternative routes of access to the Russian market, which greatly increases transport costs.

    “Construction was most affected”

    The situation in the economy is worrisome due to uncertainty caused by the crisis in Ukraine, many companies operating in Ukraine and Russia are now facing problems, and these circumstances affect the construction sector the most due to the purchase prices of construction materials, which is also evident from the increase in real estate prices, says Director of the Union of Employers of Serbia, Srdjan Drobnjakovic.

    Izvor: BIZLIfe/Jelena Andrić

    Foto: Pixabay, Printscreen

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