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    Decision is made: MINIMUM WAGE in Serbia from January will be RSD 40,020

    The minimum price of a working hour in Serbia from January 1, 2023 will be RSD 230, Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali said after the session of the Social and Economic Council.

    He said that the minimum wage would be 40,020, which is an increase of 14.3 percent, adding that the increase in the minimum wage would lead to an annual increase in operating costs by 350 million euros and that, therefore, the state would relieve employers by making the non-taxable part of the wage RSD 21,712.

    „We will thus annul the cost of minimum wages, in order to reduce the possibility of dismissals because of the growth of minimum wages,“ Mali said.

    Minimum wage will spike 14.3%

    “The whole world is in an emergency, our citizens have experienced fewer turbulences than much more developed countries. We want to save jobs. The unemployment rate is record low. The main goal is to preserve financial stability and jobs,“ the minister said.

    He also added that the inflation rate was projected at 11.5%, so this increase covered the inflation rate.

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