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    Serbia has 120,000 developers, and they mostly go to THESE European cities

    According to the latest surveys, the number of developers in Europe exceeds 5 million, and it is projected to increase by another million by 2028.

    Serbia is following the European trend of a large increase in demand for this profession, which means that the number of 120,000 employees in Serbia is only the current state.

    “This fact should come as no surprise. It is a dynamic profession in which effort and knowledge are valued, and it is not negligible to say that the average junior position is paid above the average monthly income in Serbia, ’’ says Ivan Isailović, CEO of Merkle in Serbia, adding, „There is an attractive and interstate fluctuation of workers, and in recent years the number of developers in Europe alone has exceeded five million, and it is projected to increase by 21 more percent by 2028.“

    When it comes to the European market, Isailovic adds that the biggest „importers“ of developers are the German cities of Berlin and Hamburg, London and Rotterdam, but that the development of the Portuguese IT industry is also recorded, which is why more and more young programmers find their jobs in the cities of Porto and Lisbon. 

     Working from home is equally productive

    The main organizational peculiarities of this industry are spatial and temporal flexibility and a hybrid work model. The so-called remote-friendly concept is accepted by a significant number of companies, and as it is a revolution in working culture, Isailovic says that we should not be skeptical of changes. „I personally believe that working from home is equally productive,“ adds Isailovic, „and I follow all the research of this phenomenon that is carried out in the world, confirming this conclusion.“

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