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    City of Zajecar “seals” air conditioners, prohibits hotplates and shuts down every third light bulb

    In the City Administration of Zajecar, public companies and institutions founded by the local self-government and primary and secondary schools, measures for saving electricity and thermal energy have been determined, which include the sealing of air conditioning devices, but also the prohibition of the use of heaters, hot plates and kettles.

    According to the city portal Glas Zajecara, due to the increase in the price of electricity on regional markets and the lack of its own electricity, the City Administration in Zajecar has adopted measures in order to reduce the consumption of electricity and thermal energy.

    The reduction of public lighting in streets and squares has been ordered, so that every third light bulb will be switched off, in order to ensure a minimum safety level.

    All evening trainings of sports teams held in sports halls and school halls after 7 pm will be cancelled, while only 50% of the installed lighting can be used for trainings until 7 pm.

    It was ordered to replace ordinary mercury bulbs with LED lighting in these facilities by October 15, where this has not been done.

    Heads of the City Administration, heads of departments, directors of public companies, institutions, primary and secondary schools, are obliged to introduce austerity measures by September 15, such as the abolitionof the functions of air conditioning by sealing the devices and strictly forbidding the use of heaters and other heating devices that use electricity, hotplates and kettles.

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