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    DEBACLE at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Only ONE future STUDENT appliedfor PHYSICS

    The Facultyof Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Novi Sad, the only institution inVojvodina that educates future teachers and professors in the field of naturalsciences, experienced a debacle in this enrolment year. Namely, only onecandidate applied for the study program that educates future physics teachers,although the available quota is 25 students – as many as 20government-subsidized students and five self-financing students. Only twocandidates applied for the chemistry study program, while the quota is 20students (16 government-subsidized students, four self-financing students).Only five candidates applied for the program forbiology teachers (the quota is 40). Furthermore, five times fewer candidatesthan the enrolment quota applied for master studies for the program formathematics teacher – only 11 out of the quota of 55, while there were only 11high school graduates interested in becoming geography teachers, although thequota is 40, the portal 021 reports. Thefaculty is unpleasantly surprised by the poor application rate of futurestudents for the study programs educating future professors and teachers,especially considering the fact that the application rate is the same as usualfor other types of studies at this faculty and the other faculties of theUniversity of Novi Sad. According topreliminary enrolment results, the entire departments at this faculty will bededicated to one student or a few of them, and due to the low application rateand relatively good results, all the students are government-subsidized – thereare even remaining vacancies, which is the rarest case when enrolling inacademic and other types of studies.

    Izvor: 021

    Foto: Pixabay

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