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    BIRN: Statepays nearly EUR 100,000 for FORKS, NAPKINS…

    For theneeds of the villas “Mir” and “Bokeljka”, as well as for the Parliamentary Cluband the building of the Government of Serbia, the state purchased hundreds ofpieces of cutlery, tablecloths, napkins and other „small inventory“worth RSD 11.2 million, i.e. slightly more than EUR 95,000, the Balkan ResearchNetwork (BIRN) reported. According to BIRN, the inventory purchase contract wassigned on 1 July with the companies Fimas and Icofin based in Belgrade, and itprovides for the procurement of, among other things, „360 small and deepplates from luxurious and expensive Rosenthal porcelain, 948 pieces of various cutlery,810 glasses, 646 tablecloths, table toppers, damask napkins, dozens of towels,linens, bath robes“. „The small inventory also includes 610 sets ofporcelain espresso cups, 880 black coffee cups, 1,066 cappuccino cups, 714 teacups, 1,143 mostly porcelain bowls of various sizes, and women’s and men’sslippers “for the swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath – plastic, Nike orappropriate”, as well as decorative towel and dirty laundry baskets, trays, whisks,mixers, vacuum cleaners, irons, vertical irons, fans, heaters, electric radiators,ashtrays, clocks, flashlights,” the website reports. It is also statedthat this is not the first procurement for the companies that won this year’stender for supplying the Catering Service Sector and the Sector forRepresentative and Residential Buildings. „In the summer of 2018, Icofin,as the only bidder, won a tender worth 24,884 euros, while Fimas received a businessdeal worth nearly 60,000 euros for the purchase of basic equipment for cateringand kitchen equipment for residential and representative buildings. At bothtenders they were the only bidders“, the article says. It is added thatbased on the plan of public procurements of the Directorate for Joint Affairsof Republic Authorities for 2019, 400,000 dinars will be allocated for thepurchase of furniture, and the same amount for the purchase of decorativematerial and testing water in the swimming pools of representative buildings,while RSD 3.8 million is planned for parasols and awnings.

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