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    Girl from Vranje gets 3D PRINTED PROSTHETIC ARM

    Afour-year-old girl from Vranje, born without the right forearm, has recentlygot a prosthesis, i.e. a 3D printed prosthetic arm made by scientists from NoviSad, and she will be able to use her arm more precisely than other devices usedso far. The child’sprosthetic arm was made at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, inthe iDEAlab. Vladimir Todorovic and Dejan Movrin worked on the project, as theJuzne vesti portal reports. The girl iscurrently adjusting to the prosthetic arm and for now, as they say, everythingis going well. „One of the moreimportant things we were focusing on all the time was to make sure that all thereplacements can be done without any problems by the child’s parents, on theirown without our help. Furthermore, after the first test assembly we sawpotential problems and critical spots on the prosthesis so we mademodifications to reduce the possibility of sudden failure of certainparts,“ says Dejan Movrin, PhD, Assistant Professor. As the scientists told FTN Novine, they plan tocontinue to develop the arm, so that it would be more reliable, lighter and sothat new hand movements could be applied or some of the specific movements,such as holding a pen.

    Izvor: Južne vesti

    Foto: Pixabay

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