Crowds in shops and at petrol stations due to crisis in Ukraine

Pridružite se poslovnoj zajednici od 20000 najuspešnijih i čitajte nas prvi

    Crowds in shops and at petrol stations due to crisis in Ukraine

    At petrol stations and markets throughout Serbia, crowds are noticeable because citizens are rushing to buy fuel and other necessities, fearing that there will be shortages caused by the war in Ukraine.

    The chaos at petrol stations, where there were queues since last night, happened after some of the petrol stations placed notices about fuel restrictions and bans on filling canisters with petroleum products.

    After the inspection, inspectors determined that there was a violation of the Consumer Protection Act at several retail outlets selling petroleum and petroleum products where traders placed notices about the limitation in the quantity of sale.

    The elimination of the violation was ordered, and a fixed penalty in the amount of RSD 50,000 is prescribed for this offense.

    According to the information and social media reports, shelves in some stores are empty, while in some stores there are large crowds and it is noticeable that citizens buy goods in larger quantities in order to make supplies.

    Today, president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, addressed citizens on his Instagram account and told them that “they should not fall for the tricks and provocations that indicate that there is not enough petroleum, petroleum products or that there will not be enough food”.

    As he said, there is enough of everything and there is no need to panic over the war in Ukraine.

    There will be enough food, enough petrol and everything we need and there is no need for citizens to rush anywhere or to search for anything in particular.


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