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    COVID-19 tests seized at the border

    According to the Customs Administration, fifty sets of coronavirus tests that a bus driver did not declare for customs were seized on Wednesday at the Gradina border crossing.

    The customs officers at the Gradina border crossing, where, as they explain, the hitherto unobserved attempt to smuggle covid tests was thwarted, saw the proof of the fact that the goods most often smuggled were those for which the demand was high, and that smugglers monitored social events with the intention of making money.

    Undeclared tests were discovered when a bus with Montenegrin registration plates, travelling on the route Istanbul – Rozaje, applied for control at the entrance to the country.

    A detailed search of the interior of the bus, after the passengers left it with their personal luggage, first revealed two bags with 50 ampoules of an unknown solution in the net on the back of the last row of seats. The 59-year-old bus driver said he was their owner, explaining that these were the ampoules that were part of the set for coronavirus tests, according to the Customs Administration.

    Afterwards, as the Administration explains, he showed to the customs officers two boxes with 50 bags, which were in the refrigerator of the bus, and which, together with the ampoules make 50 complete sets of coronavirus tests.

    The driver told the customs officers that he had intended to, but forgot to declare them.

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