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    Izgradnja Nacionalnog stadiona

    Construction of National Stadium to begin in a few weeks

    Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has said that „in a few weeks“ works will begin on the construction of the national stadium.

    “We have signed a contract for infrastructure, camps for workers are literally being made now and the works will start in the next few weeks,” Mali told Prva TV.

    According to him, it is estimated that the construction of the national stadium will be completed by the beginning or half of 2026.

    The stadium will cover an area of 32 hectares and it will have a capacity of 52,000 seats, with the possibility of providing additional 8,000 temporary (auxiliary) seats in order to meet the criteria prescribed by FIFA and UEFA for large and significant football events. This is a total of up to 60,000 viewers.

    The national football stadium is planned as a multifunctional building, with accompanying facilities.

    The latest estimate is that 540 million euros will be invested in it.

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