Ceca Bojkovic in front of a truck in DEFENCE of Reva pond (VIDEO)

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    Ceca Bojkovic in front of a truck in DEFENCE of Reva pond (VIDEO)

    Citizens and environmental activists who have been camping in the area of the Reva pond near Belgrade since last week, in order to prevent trucks from leaving construction waste at that location, were joined today by actress Svetlana Ceca Bojkovic.

    A video is shared on social networks showing how the legendary actress stands in front of a truck preventing it from unloading construction waste into the natural oasis of the Reva pond.

    As a reminder, on May 21 a dozen citizens’ associations gathered at the Reva pond to protest against the construction of a construction waste processing plant.

    They request urgent suspension of works until the correction of the study on environmental impact is completed, they demand from the mayor of Belgrade to come to Reva and explain why the destruction of the green oasis is allowed, and from the minister of environmental protection to urgently stop the works and the ecocide.

    They say in a press release that by burying trees with waste, across from Ada Huja, only five kilometres away from the centre of Belgrade, 80 hectares of the Reva forest are massacred.

    In that natural habitat hundreds of trucks unload waste day and night, and the plan is to unload 100,000 tons of crushed rubble and mixed construction waste, it is stated in the press release.

    Citizens who came to Reva set up tents and said that they would not go away and that they would not allow the killing of trees, birds and plants.

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