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    Bypass around Belgrade: First pipe breakthrough in Beli potok tunnel

    In the Beli potok tunnel, which is part of the bypass around Belgrade, the first tunnel pipe breakthrough was achieved, as announced by Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic, and the second pipe breakthrough will take place next week.

    After visiting the works on Sector 6 of the bypass, Vesic pointed out that the Beli potok tunnel was the „most demanding and most important facility“ on that 9.6-km-long section, which stretches from Strazevica to the Bubanj potok loop.

    „When this sector is completed, the complete bypass around Belgrade, more than 47.7 kilometers long, to Bubanj potok will be completed, and the conditions will then be met to completely relocate transit traffic from the center of Belgrade, i.e. from Gazela,“ Vesic said, as the ministry cited.

    He said that 10 tons of reinforcement were installed in the tunnel, as well as 10,000 cubic meters of concrete, and that the excavation was done at about 100,000 cubic meters in the tunnel pipes themselves, as the competent ministry said.

    “In order for the bypass to be fully completed, it is necessary to contract the last section from Bubanj potok to Pancevo, with the road-rail bridge near Vinca, and we are working on that. When we have contracted the last 31 kilometers and finished everything, Belgrade will finally, after more than 30 years, get its bypass, which began to be built in the 90s,“ the minister said.

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