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    Businessmen fear electricity and gas shortages more than price hikes

    Businessmen in Serbia have said that they fear electricity and gas shortages more than the increase in the prices of these energy products, and they believe that the increase in prices of up to ten percent is realistic.

    Director of the Union  of  Employers of Serbia, Srdjan Drobnjakovic, told the Beta agency that businessmen were primarily requesting from the state to secure regular energy supply and a a gradual price increase.

    „The shortage of any energy product would cause higher costs due to production shutdowns and new start-ups than price increases of up to ten percent, which would be tolerable,“ Drobnjakovic said.

    Drobnjakovic pointed out that businessmen had believed and proposed since last year that the increase in electricity price should be gradual and that they should be involved in the talks on determining the price for the economy.

    He added that a significant increase in electricity prices for the economy, in addition to small enterprises, would also affect large systems and branches where the highest costs include expenditures for electricity consumed, and these are the chemical industry, the IT sector and trade centers.

    The owner of the  Spasojevic dairy in Bajina Basta, Radomir Spasojevic, said that it was realistic that electricity for the economy would increase in price by ten percent because everything had increased in price even more, even wood, although it is a domestic resource.

    „It is important that there is electricity because we do not have an alternative energy source, and we are big electricity consumers, now our monthly bill is about 1.2 million dinars,“ Spasojevic said.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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