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    Momirovic: 3,600 workers on Moravian Corridor

    Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic says that more than 3,600 workers are employed on the construction of the Moravian Corridor, at a time when no one in Europe is considering investments due to the war in Ukraine.

    „In a little more than a year we will connect Kraljevo with Milos the Great Highway and by the end of the year Krusevac with Corridor 10. Over a period of three years, we plan to complete the Moravian Corridor.

    We are not giving up on any project and we are not withdrawing from any construction site, because our priority is our responsibility to start and finish everything,“ Momirovic said during a tour of the works on the construction of the Moravian Corridor, on the section from Kraljevo to Cacak.

    He pointed out that this section was of special importance for both Kraljevo and Cacak, because they would be connected by the highest quality highway in Southeast Europe.

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