Bulgaria to stop Russian gas? Vucic is not sure that it is that easy

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    Bulgaria to stop Russian gas? Vucic is not sure that it is that easy

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has said that he is not sure that it is easy for Bulgaria to stop the import of gas through the TurkStream gas pipeline, as announced by that country.

    “Bulgaria has said that it will stop its gas imports, I am not sure that it is that easy,” Vucic told reporters.

    He added that Serbia would pay a transit fee for the transport of gas from Russia via the TurkiStream gas pipeline through Bulgaria.

    “We say we want Russian gas from TurkStream, you transport gas to our gas pipeline, we pay for it, and what you want to do is your business, we have no problem with that,” Vucic said.

    Due to the war in Ukraine, Bulgaria, as reported by the media, will not renew the natural gas supply contract with Russia’s Gazprom.

    Alternative deliveries and a future joint contract with the European Union are under consideration to avoid the lack of this energy resource, Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vasiliev said on Saturday.

    Vucic pointed out that it would be good for Serbia if there could be “some other gas”. As he said, “everything is always welcome”.

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