Local startups attracted as much as EUR 123 million of investments in 2021

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    Local startups attracted as much as EUR 123 million of investments in 2021

    Local startups, their successes and key players have attracted public attention in recent years, so it makes sense to ask who is starting innovative businesses in Serbia and in what circumstances is business developing.

    An average founder of startups in Serbia is between 30 and 40 years old, has a degree in higher education and previous experience of working in a corporation or running his/her own business, according to the latest report Startup Scanner 2022, published by the Digital Serbia Initiative.

    This is a detailed analysis of the environment in which innovative local technology companies which focus on the global market operate.

    This analysis of the domestic startup ecosystem was made within the “Develop an Idea” project, which is implemented by the consortium gathered around the “Digital Serbia” Initiative with the support of USAID.

    More than 150 local startups participated in the survey, out of a total of 360, which is the estimated number of active startups in the local ecosystem.

    “Thanks to the data we have collected and processed, a prerequisite has been created to recognize the strong points of our ecosystem, and which areas require additional effort. For example, 20% of startup founders are women, and the founding teams of almost a third of startups include both men and women, which is higher than the European average. It has also been shown that two-thirds of the startups also have founders who come from non-technical areas in their founding teams. Such results support the importance of creating diverse and multidisciplinary teams for the development of innovative businesses,” said Bojana Tomic Brkusanin, director of the Develop an Idea project.

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