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    Bothered by SERBS? German driver SUSPENDED due to a message (PHOTO)

    A bus driver in Germany has drawn public attention after sticking a controversial message on a bus. A photo of the message glued to the windshield quickly spread across social media and the driver was suspended. „This bus is being driven by a German,“ a message greeting passengers in the German city of Dresden says. Provocative message was shared on Twitter by Peter Dorfel, age 23, a medical worker from Dresden, and tagged public transport in the city. They immediately replied they had already seen this message and that such behaviour would be sanctioned. German media report that the racist message is a sign of a German rebellion due the increasing number of drivers from Serbia and Eastern Europe, who drive buses in this country without knowing the German language. As media pointed out, they get a job because of the shortage of workers in this country. The management of the company where driver is employed announced they were aware of the incident and were appalled. „Our firm cannot be a platform for political strife,“ they said, adding that the 52-year-old bus driver was suspended. According to them, the driver was not fired because there were no complaints on his work and behaviour so far. The suspended man confessed to employers what made him post a message like this. „He wanted to let the passengers know he speaks German,“ they pointed out. Local media report that a provocative message would also hurt the company, which is currently seeking workers from Serbia due to the lack of manpower.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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