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    Students figured out how to bring the audience back to the stands

    The idea of ​​a mobile phone application that allows viewers to guess the outcome of matches and win prizes in real time won the first place on the regional competition of high school students in entrepreneurial skills „Business Challenge“, held in Belgrade on Wednesday. The competition gathered 110 students of 32 high schools in Belgrade municipalities. Five-member teams made up of students from different schools have been tasked with designing a product or service that will help increase the number of spectators at sporting events. With the help of business mentors they created business plans for their ideas, which they presented to members of the jury and audience in a three-minute presentation at the end of the day. A five-member team made up of high school students from the Fourth Grammar School, „Nadezda Petrovic“ Medical School, the Ninth Grammar School, the Second Economic School and Sixth Belgrade Grammar School was victorious. “We noticed that spectators at stands were very passive and we wanted to think of something that would make watching the match a more dynamic and interactive experience. Our application would also ensure the return of that audience to the stands, because in the meantime they would have various benefits ensured by the sponsors we provide,” Milica, Momcilo, Bogdan, Mina and Marko – members of the winning team explained.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Dostignuća mladih

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