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    Blackberry growers SUSPECT wholesale buyers DECREASED price by agreement

    Member of the Board of the Association of Raspberry and Blackberry Producers in Serbia, Zoran Stojanovic, has called on the Competition Protection Commission to examine whether the wholesale buyers of blackberries have decreased the price of these fruits from RSD 180-200 to RSD 120 per kilogram by a sudden agreement or else they will block refrigerated containers and roads.

    „Until Tuesday, the owners of refrigerated containers bought blackberries at a price of RSD 180 to 200 per kilogram, and then all of them suddenly dropped the price to RSD 120. We suspect that they have agreed and we ask the Competition Protection Commission to immediately examine whether a monopoly agreement has been made“, Stojanovic told Beta.

    He added that if state institutions did nothing, they would block refrigerated containers and roads.

    He said that about five percent of the blackberry yield was bought at the price of RSD 180-200, adding that the yield was average despite the drought, and the quality was good.

    According to him, wholesale buyers of blackberries, by joint action, want to increase the enormous earnings, and the proof is that, as he said, they exported last year’s yield at a price of 7.5 euros per kilogram.

    He said it was in the interest of the state for its institutions to examine whether there was a monopoly agreement because export generated foreign exchange inflows.

    If the state does nothing, as Stojanovic said, it will discourage the production of blackberries, which has been reduced from 6,000 hectares to about 1,500 hectares in Serbia.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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