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    Fraud WARNING: Fake NBS and dina card pages appeared

    The National Bank of Serbia has informed users about the existence of fake pages of the central bank on Facebook, which use the name and logo of NBS and DinaCard, and it says that it informed users about them, and it informed the appropriate state authorities about the criminal offense.

    The statement says the NBS has identified fake Facebook pages, which are not managed by the NBS.

    „These are examples of pages where the name and logo of the National Bank of Serbia are used and the users of DinaCard cards are asked to provide payment card data as part of alleged promotional campaigns,“ the NBS said.

    It is pointed out that these are fake pages through which users’ personal data and payment card data are collected and misused, which is why NBS reacted immediately.

    Through a page on this social network, the NBS warned users that these were fake pages and that they should not submit their personal data.

    „In the event that users have entered their payment card data, they need to inform the bank that issued the payment card as soon as possible,“ the National Bank said.

    It is stated that fake pages were reported to the competent authorities in order to prevent fraud and discover the perpetrators of the criminal offence.

    In the statement, the central bank also states the address of the only official Facebook page of the National Bank of Serbia –

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