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    Ban on euro diesel export extended

    The Government of Serbia has adopted an amended decision on the temporary ban on the export of Euro Diesel EN 590, extending it from seven to 14 days, in order to prevent the shortage of this petroleum product, caused by a global market disturbance.

    The Government also supplemented the decision on the limitation of the prices of basic foods in the part related to the prices of pork, as well as the limitation of the poultry sale margin.

    It has been made possible to lower the prices compared to the average prices in shops, namely pork shoulders by RSD 173 per kilogram, pork neck by RSD 218 per kilogram and pork loins by RSD 150 per kilogram, while at the same time the adjustment of the price of pork legs will be enabled, the Government said in a press release.

    The Government of Serbia also made a decision on limiting the amount of margin in the sale of poultry to a maximum of 10 percent.

    Egyptians can enter Serbia without visa

    At the session, the decision was also made on temporary abolition of visas for entry into Serbia for Egyptian citizens, as the number of tourist visits from that country, as well as potential investors, is expected to increase, and in order to create a more favourable business environment and improve bilateral relations, said the government.

    The decision is of a unilateral character and after its entry into force, Egyptian citizens, holders of regular passports, will be able to enter, transit and stay on the territory of Serbia for up to 30 days from July 30 to September 30 this year.

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