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    BIZLife „30 Under 30“: Danica Grujicic, Operations Manager, „M+ Agency“

    Danica graduated from the Faculty of Culture and Media, and she earned her master’s degree in communications from the Faculty of Political Science. She got her first job at BIZLife media agency, where she worked as a journalist and content manager, and in 2017 she received job at the marketing agency „M+ Agency“. She has worked as the Senior Content/Community Manager and as of this year she is Operations Manager in this agency. She was responsible for numerous campaigns, the last being the opening of „Ada Mall“ in Belgrade. Is there anything you had to renounce in order to get to where you are now? I don’t look at it as a sacrifice, but setting priorities instead. With good planning, organization and desire – everything can be achieved. Still, sometimes I had to skip a night out with my friends during my student days, in order to maintain high GPA and scholarship, which led to me being recognized as one of the best students in the generation. Later, in business, I decided to give up beliefs that are of no use to me, as well as my ego, for the sake of reaching the best solution, personal development and learning. Did success reach you, or was it the other way round? We are constantly catching up one another. I myself was definitely stepping on what I considered to be a business success, but when you open the energy to something or focus on it, everything just works for you, thus new and wonderful opportunities open up and arrive. When you strive to give your best and be exceptional in something, it is no wonder that accolades, rewards and new challenges that we call success, arrive. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your work so far? I would love to single out several, as I believe they will serve the readers. Do not worry. Life always gives us just as much as we can bear. So do not doubt yourself or your life. Approach everything positively. Starting with a guard or negative energy will certainly bring less productivity into the business. Be open to new things and a different perspective. Do not rush, do not be hasty, do not make rash decisions and do not present ill-advised opinions, regardless of urgency. At first learn how to think properly in business, then it will translate into routine and experience, and you will handle things best in a jiffy. What is the ultimate goal? The ultimate goal is not to have it, because then everything loses its meaning. Asking a creative person what is the ultimate goal is just like asking someone when they think they are going to die. You do not think about that, you enjoy this very moment and creation. We are in an era of hyper-production and digitization, where the entire market changes in an instant, with a single decision of Google or Mark Zuckerberg. Imagine asking him this while Facebook existed. The goal is to enjoy a passion-filled business on daily basis. Favourite school subject? Literature. First job? Journalist. Business role model? Don Draper. Motivational song? „I was here,“ by Beyonce.

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