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    Another WARNING about the disappearance of farms and dairies in Serbia

    Representative of the milk producers from Banat, Vukasin Bacina, has warned that „importers and trade chains are shutting down farms and dairies in Serbia“.

    “The price of raw milk is still dropping. The dairies say that the representatives of the retail chains are asking dairies to lower the price of their products and for the price from April 1 to be the same as the price of dairy products imported from the EU,“ Bacina said in a press release.

    He urged the state to introduce levies on the import of cheeses that are higher than the current 30 dinars per kilogram as soon as possible.

    „If the state does not introduce levies in the amount of RSD 330 per kilogram, in the next 10 days dairies will decrease the price of raw milk, they will stop the purchase of milk because they will not be able to sell their product,“ Bacina said.

    He warned that as a result, a large number of dairy workers would lose their jobs, and dairy producers would be forced to sell cows to slaughterhouses.

    „We demand an immediate and swift response from the state. We must not allow importers and trade chains to extinguish farms and dairies in Serbia,“ Bacina said.

    Farmer Jugoslav Tomic from Stajicevo near Zrenjanin spilled two and a half tons of cow’s milk three days ago, because, as he stated, he had no one to sell it to, since no dairy was interested.

    He said he would be forced to start slaughtering cattle, and that he had already received a down payment for the 30 head of cattle sold to a slaughterhouse. Tomici got 300 head of cattle, of which 150 are dairy cows.

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    Foto: BIZLife, Pixabay

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