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    Another explosion in „Sloboda“ Cacak, employees got injured (PHOTO/VIDEO)

    A strong explosion happened on Saturday night in the area of the „Sloboda“ factory in Cacak. There were also several weaker detonations. Three workers were injured. The evacuation of citizens from the vicinity of the factory was ordered.

    The evacuation site is the town stadium in Cacak, the media report.

    A strong detonation and several weaker ones were heard in Cacak tonight at 7.50 pm.

    Unofficially, the remaining explosive devices exploded, RTS TV reports.

    After a strong detonation, which was also noticeable at the center of Cacak, a cloud of smoke in the shape of a mushroom formed above the factory.

    Three workers suffered minor injuries. According to Dr. Aleksandar Pajovic, director of the Health Center in Cacak, they were transported to the Cacak General Hospital.

    Four ambulance crews are on standby at the factory, but the firefighters still do not allow them to enter the factory yard.

    The town headquarters for emergency situations ordered the evacuation of citizens from the vicinity of the factory, and the meeting place is the stadium of the football club „Borac“.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Printscreen

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