Vesić's solution for ARTISTS: Abandoned boiler rooms instead of BIGZ

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    Vesić’s solution for ARTISTS: Abandoned boiler rooms instead of BIGZ

    The city of Belgrade has so far found six abandoned boiler rooms, which, after the reconstruction, will be offered to young bands and artists who used the BIGZ building for free until recently, said Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic.

    After the eviction of the art scene from the BIGZ building, it was announced that space would be found for the artists who worked there.

    “We are persistently looking for another space to help artists. At the moment, we have found six abandoned boiler rooms that were once used for this purpose, but they are no longer used. We have created a commission that should visit all those boiler rooms, so we will offer some of those facilities to artists,” Vesic told Tanjug, adding that one of the facilities was in Rakovica.

    Vesic explained that the plan was to have a dozen such facilities on the territory of the city, which would be a kind of space for young people, and that projects for the reconstruction of those facilities, which would function within the Youth Center in the future, would soon be prepared.

    He noted that the Stara Secerana complex in Cukarica was “on a long stick”.

    “First we have to buy Secerana from bankruptcy and solve the problems we have with the bankruptcy trustee,” he said, adding that the new general land use plan for public areas in November would allocate that space for culture and it would become city-owned.

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