AmCham: 7 out of 10 members expect increase in business and investments

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    AmCham: 7 out of 10 members expect increase in business and investments

    Despite the second year of the pandemic, as many as seven out of ten AmCham members expect an increase in business and investments, while more than half plan new employment

    Improving the work of the judiciary system and the rule of law, reducing corruption, further development of the e-government and more efficient administration, as well as cooperation between public and private health care systems are still crucial to economic recovery in 2022.

    The economy’s plans for business growth are more positive compared to the previous year. As many as seven out of ten members of the American Chamber of Commerce (70%) expect an increase in business and investments next year, while over half (56%) plan new employment. Compared to the results from the previous year, expectations for business growth are 14% higher, and they are in line with plans for 2018 and 2019, but still slightly below plans for 2020, according to the latest AmCham’s survey on business climate and investors’ confidence, 9th Lap Time.

    “Our economy has had really robust growth this year, but this year’s challenges, which, in addition to the effects of the pandemic, also included the increase in the inflation rate and energy prices, certainly also remain a challenge for next year,” said Zoran Petrovic, president of AmCham. “The economy will, therefore, certainly have a difficult task next year as well, and it is necessary for the state to reduce the administrative burden and regulatory risk to a minimum, in order to end next year even better than this one through joint effort”.

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