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    Additional MILLIONS from state budget for Belgrade

    The City of Belgrade has been approved a new financial injection of more than EUR 3 million from the budget reserves, the portal reports.

    In spite of the claims, made primarily by Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic, that the capital is well-off, Belgrade has received at least EUR 8.3 million from the state budget reserves since the beginning of the year.

    Essentially, the explanation is always the same. The funds are paid to maintain current liquidity, but judging by experience, that can be anything, the portal reports.

    According to the data published in the Official Gazette, in line with a decision of the Government of Serbia signed by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, Belgrade will get RSD 390 million or approximately EUR 3.3 million.

    „Reserve funds are allocated to the Ministry of Finance to be transferred to the city of Belgrade for obligations that could not be foreseen in the process of preparation and adoption of the budget, and which may lead to jeopardizing current liquidity,“ the explanation of the decision adopted at the session on October 7 reads.

    Previously, in April, the Government of Serbia also transferred to the city of Belgrade a sum of RSD 360 million, also for liquidity problems.

    A similar explanation was published in March when, also from the current budget reserve, the amount of RSD 240 million, or approximately EUR 2 million, was paid to the city of Belgrade.

    Although even then the reason was described as „the fulfilment of obligations“, and for reasons „that may lead to endangering the current liquidity,“ Vesic stated that the money was paid for the renovation of facades in Belgrade.

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